Access IP Camera Connected to NVR on SADP

Access IP Camera Connected to NVR on SADP





Access IP Camera from NVR on SADP


Purpose: This document provides steps to access the Plug and Play IP Camera from the NVR on the SADP.

Connection Setup:

  • Unplug the network connection from the LAN of the NVR and plug it into one of the PoE ports of the NVR.

Possible Scenarios:

  • Moving the IP Cameras from one NVR to another with a different password.

(Note: When moving the IP Cameras to a new NVR, the cameras will stream with plug and play as long as the passwords are the same.)

  • There is no PoE switch available to connect the camera for access.

End Result:

  • Change the IP address of the camera to match the IP Address of the NVR’s PoE port.
  • Reset the password to the cameras without the need to uninstall while still connected to the NVR.

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