Access IP Camera Web Interface from NVR

Access IP Camera Web Interface from NVR

Access IP Camera Web Interface from NVR Web Interface


Step 1: Connect the NVR to the router or network switch.

Step 2: Connect your PC/MAC to the same network as the NVR.

Step 2: Find the IP address of the NVR. This can be done following ways:

-        Connect your PC/MAC to the same network as the NVR

-        Run the SADP Tool application. SADP will show the device name with IP address.

-       On the local menu, go to System --> Network --> IPV4

Step 3: Open the browser and input the NVR IP address. This will take you to the NVRs web interface.

Step 4: Login to NVR and go to Configuration --> Network --> Advanced settings --> Other --> Check the box for “Enable Virtual host” --> Save.

Step 5: Go to System --> Camera Management --> Click the blue link under “Join” to login to the camera directly.

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