Access IP Camera Configuration from NVR Web GUI

Access IP Camera Configuration from NVR Web GUI





Access IP Camera Configuration From NVR



To be able to access IP cameras connected to an NVR from the NVRs web client.

Note: Before we start make sure the computer and the NVR are in the same network

Enable the virtual host:

  1. Open internet explorer.
  2. Input the IP address of the NVR into the address bar. You should be able to see the following page:

  1. Input the User Name and Password. Click on “Login”. Now, the following page will be displayed:

  1. Go to Configuration  Advanced  Other  Check “Enable Virtual Host”  Click “Save”. Please refer to the figure below:

Follow the steps below to see if the setting was successfully performed:

Go to ‘Configuration’  ‘Camera Management’. The links for accessing the IP camera will be shown as follows:

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