Add Device with Static IP into Guarding Vision for Local Access

Add Device with Static IP into Guarding Vision for Local Access





                Add IP Camera to Guarding Vision with Static IP Address

Purpose: This document provides instructions on how to find and add a IP camera with static IP address into the Guarding Vision App.


Method 1: Adding an online device in the local network

Step 1: Open Guarding vision App and select “Guarding Vision” on the bottom of the App. Click on the “+” icon on the top right to access adding menu.

Step 2: From the Add menu, select “Online Device”

Step 3: In the online device list, tap the device you want to add. You will be taken to a details page.

Step 4: The details page shows you the info of the device that you just selected. 

  • Click “Add” to proceed with adding the device.
  • You will be taken to the “Add Device” page
(Note: Select the "Add Device to Guarding Vision Server" option available under the "Add" button for remote access over cloud. For this, the device should be connected to the network and  the "Platform Access" option should be enabled from the local menu/web menu for NVR/DVR. For a IP Camera, the "Platform Access" should be enabled from the web menu.)

Step 4: in the “Add Device” page, input the Username and Password for the device and click  on  icon on the top right corner to save the login credentials and finish adding the device. 

The device should be added to your App.

Method 2: Manual Adding option

(Note: Using this method, you can add a portforwarded device with a public IP address.)

Step1: Open the App and click on the “+” icon on the top right to access the add menu. Select “Manual Adding”. 

  • You should see the “Add Device” page. Tap on “Guarding Vision Domain” to change the “Adding Type”. This will pull up adding type options on the bottom.

Step 2: Select “IP/Domain” to change the adding type.

Step 3: Create a name for the device by typing in the “Alias” option.

  • Input the “IP address” of the device and the login Credentials. Tap on  icon on the top right to save the values entered.

(Note: If you have a device with a port forwarded IP address, you can enter that public IP address in the address space with the device login credentials.)

  • Tap on “Start Live View” to view the stream or tap on “…” to access the “Remote Configuration”
  • Tap on “<” on the top left to go back to the home page to view your added device.

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