Guarding Vision Quick Setup

Guarding Vision Quick Setup





Guarding Vision Setup Instructions

Setting up the DVR/NVR

Step 1: On the DVR/NVR screen, right click Select Menu  Configuration  Network.

Step 2: Under “General” input the “Preferred DNS Server” as as shown in the figure below.(If you have “Enable DHCP” and “Enable DNS DHCP” option on this page selected, then you do not have to perform this step)

Step 3: Select “Platform Access” and check “Enable” and create a verification code. Click “Apply”.

(Note: The QR code displayed on the platform access page can be used to add the device into the guarding vision app.)

Adding the device on Guarding Vision App.

Step 1: Tap on the “+” to add a new device. Select "Scan QR Code" to scan the QR code being displayed on the NVR monitor. Input the Verification Code that was created under "Platform Access" in the NVR.

Step 3: For Manual Adding, input the “Serial No”. For QR code, Scan the QR code from the device sticker or the QR code displayed on the NVR. (Note: You can also scan the QR Code you see on the monitor. Refer to Step 3)

(For more support please call HINO technical support at 469-444-2999)

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