MoCA, DECA and PoE over coax, how to choose?

MoCA, DECA and PoE over coax, how to choose?

I'm guessing you all clicked into this article because your house is wired all over with coax, but your devices only support the RJ45 Ethernet ports.

Powerline Ethernet stopped working reliably, and Wi-Fi still sucks.

In order to get hard-wired Internet connections, you need a coax to Ethernet adapter to help you fix this problem.

There are three main solutions on the market.


MoCA(Multimedia over Coax Alliance) aims to use coaxial cables as Ethernet cables. It works on the same wire as cable TV signals without interference. MoCA is able to support up to 2.5Gbps bandwidth and ignore any kinds of splitters on the line (meaning no bandwidth loss after any splitter). 

MoCA is powerful and reliable, but has one big problem - too expensive! MoCA devices are around $120 per pair.


DECA is a cheap alternative to MoCA. It is DirecTV's version of MoCA. They are based on the same technology. 

DECA operates on the lower frequencies normally occupied by Cable TV, so you can send it along with a satellite signal. MoCA uses satellite frequencies, so you can send it along with a TV signal.

Therefore, DECA is not preferred if you are using the same cable with a connected Cable Television Service.

And due to the frequency difference, MoCA has gigabit speeds while DECA is "only" 100Mbps.

Did I forget to mention how cheap DECA is? You can find them on Amazon for about $20 for each pair.

With a much lower price, DECA reasonably incurs some bandwidth penalty when it encounters spitters and also other small issues.

PoE over coax

PoE over coax, as the name suggests, supports not only Ethernet over coax, but also power over coax, which MoCA and DECA cannot do. This is a great benefit because you no longer need the dedicated power bricks to power the adapters, especially when there is no power socket anywhere around.

PoE over coax is considered the most suitable solution to upgrade analog to IP camera surveillance system. 

The price of PoE over coax adapter falls between DECA and MoCA. For example, our best seller here sells for $80 per pair. 

If you are considering upgrading six or more cameras in total, I recommend you try our PoE over coax switch.

First of all, it saves you more money than simply buying six or more pairs of converters.

Second of all, it is also a PoE switch, providing all the functions a PoE switch can do. 

As for how to use them, all three solutions are plug & play. Very convenient.

That’s it. I hope now you know how to choose the products that best suit your needs.

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