Password Recovery Methods for NVR and DVR

Password Recovery Methods for NVR and DVR

Method 1: Reset device using SADP Tool

Step 1: Select the desired device by clicking on the check box next to the device name. Now, click on “Forgot Password” option on the bottom right corner. This will open the “Reset Password” window.

Step 2: In the "Reset Password" window, click "Export" (this exports an xml file) and save the file to any desired location on the computer.

Step 3: send the xml file to You will receive a xml file for reset. 

Step 4: Download and save the received file.

Step 5: Now on the "reset password" window, select "Import File"

- Click on the folder icon and browse to the received .xml

- select the xml file that you received and saved

- Input the “New Password” and “Confirm Password”.

- Click “Confirm”.

Method 2: Reset using Guarding Vision App

Currently Supported HINO devices: 

NVR Models:

NVR532P16-I4, NVR516P16-I4, NVR732-I8, NVR764-I8.

DVR Models:

AR526-32, AR524-32, AR324-4, AR324-8, AR324-16, AR326-4, AR326-8, AR326-16, AR328-4, AR328-8.

Other Supported DVR Models:

AR526-24, ARA26-16, AR524-24, AR526-16, AR526-8.

Required Firmware: 

V4.1.65 or above

Step 1:

Initial setup for enabling Password reset from Guarding Vision

The following two steps need to be performed for the user to be able to reset the NVR using the Guarding Vision app. Instructions for using the Guarding Vision app to reset follow.

Step 1: During the initial device setup, make sure the “Reserved Email Settings” option is checked.

Step 2: Once the Reserved email settings option is enabled, the following screen as shown in the figure below should appear. Input the email that you wish to receive the password reset verification code.

(Note: Please enter a valid email)

Step 2:

Resetting password from the Guarding Vision App

Step 1: On the NVR login screen, click on “Forgot Password”

Step 2: On the following screen as shown in figure below, select “Verify by Reserved Email” and click “OK”

Step 3: You will be brought to a screen with QR Code.

Step 4: Open the Guarding vision App on your phone and go to More  Reset Device Password.

Step 5: Scan the QR Code shown on the NVR screen. You should see a message as shown in the figure below.

Step 6: Check your email to find the verification code and enter the code in the field provided and click on “OK”.

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