Patrol, Pattern & Park Action Setup for PTZ Cameras

Patrol, Pattern & Park Action Setup for PTZ Cameras


Step 1: Expand the PTZ panel on the right and select the Pattern Tab. Click the record icon to start recording and start performing the PTZ functions as needed. Click on stop recording icon to save the pattern.

Step 2: Go to Configuration  PTZ  Scheduled Tasks  Select “Pattern” from drop down menu. Click and drag on the days of the week to assign pattern for a scheduled time.

Step 3: Single click on the schedule bar to assign a pattern number to the day of the week. Click “Save” to save the schedule.


Step 1: Expand the PTZ panel in live view and select the Preset tab. Set the camera to view a certain area. Click and select Preset 1. Click save icon to assign the viewing area to Preset 1. Follow the same steps to create more presets.

Step 2: Select Patrol Tab. Click on the gear icon to assign a pattern to patrol. See following image for reference.

Step 3: Once the patrol is set, it can be scheduled to a certain day and time from Configuration  PTZ  Schedule Tasks  Select “Patrol” from drop down list.

Park Action:

Step 1: Log into the camera live view and expand the PTZ controls on the right side of the screen.

Step 2: Move the camera to see the desired view and select a “Preset” and click on the settings icon to assign the view to the Preset. For example, the view has been saved for “Preset 1”

Step 3: Now go to Configuration  PTZ  Park Action  Check “Enable”  Set Park Time, Select “Preset”  Select Preset number for “Action Type ID” (For example “1” will be “Preset 1”).

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