Platform Access for Guarding Vision Offilne Issue

Platform Access for Guarding Vision Offilne Issue



          Guarding Vision Offline Issue


This document provides steps to fix the Platform Access “Offline” status issue on your NVR/DVR.


The most common cause for “Offline” status is when the “Preferred DNS Server” space is empty. Follow the steps below to fix this issue.

NVR Local menu

Step 1: On the monitor connected to the NVR, Right click and go to Menu  Configuration  Network  General

Step 2: Enter the “Preferred DNS server” address as

(Note: If “Enable DHCP” is checked, you can check the option “Enable DNS DHCP” which will let the NVR/DVR pullup its own Preferred DNS Server)

Step 3: Click “Apply”. The device might take a few seconds before applying the new values.

Step 4: Now go to Menu  Configuration  Network  Platform Access. The status should show “Online”. The device might take up to 60 sec before showing the new status. Click “Back” wait 60 sec and check the status again.

(Note: You can scan the QR code on your “Platform Access” page to add the device directly to your Guarding Vision App.)

For more assistance, please call Hinovision at (469) 444-2999 x 2 or email to

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