SADP Reset Process

SADP Reset Process


 Reset Device password using SADP Tool

(Note: Do not disconnect or power off the recorder or cameras till the process is finished)

Step 1: Select the desired device by clicking on the check box next to the device name and select "forgot password" from the bottom right.

Step 2: Opens a "reset password" window --> Click "Export" (this exports an xml file) and save the file to any location on the computer.

Step 3: send the xml file to support@hinovision.comYou will receive another xml file from the support team for reset.

Step 4: Download and save the file received from the Hinovision Support.

Step 4: Select "Forgot Password" --> on the "reset password" window, select "Import File"

- Click on the folder icon and browse to the received and saved ".xml" file.

- select the xml file.

- Input the new password and confirm password

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