Initialize/Setup SD Card from Guarding Vision App

Initialize/Setup SD Card from Guarding Vision App





                             SD Card Setup for IP Camera from Guarding Vision


This document provides instructions on how to initialize a brand new SD card that is inserted into the IP Camera. 

(Note: When a brand new SD Card is inserted into a IP Camera, it has to be initialized/formatted before it can start recording data)

Steps to Initialize/Format the SD card

Step 1: Open the app, Select ‘Guarding Vision’ on the bottom left and slide the device name to the left and select the icon.

Step 2: Once in the device settings page select ‘Storage Status’

Step 3: In the storage status page, select ‘Memory Card’, which will take you to the ‘Initialize Storage’ page.

Step 4: In the initialize storage page, select Initialize. This will format or initialize the sd card and the sd card should be ready for recording.

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