Unbind Device

Unbind Device

Unbind NVR/DVR/IP Camera

Note: Performing the below methods for unbinding will require the device login password. If you do not have the password, click the following link:

Method 1: Using the Guarding Vision App

Step 1: Connect your mobile phone to WIFI and make sure you are on the same network as the NVR/DVR/Camera.

Step 2: Open Guarding Vision app and select “More”. 

Step 3: Select “+” icon on the top right and select one of the adding methods.

For example:

-     Select “Scan QR Code” to scan the QR Code from the Platform Access page or the device sticker. 
Select manual adding to enter the serial number of the device as shown on the sticker.
-     Select Online Device --> Add to Guarding Vision Server

Step 4: Select “Unbind Device”

Step 5: Enter the password for the NVR/DVR/Camera and the CAPTCHA code as shown. Select “Finish”. You should see the message “The device is unbound from the account”. Now proceed with readding the device to a new account


Method 2: Using the SADP Tool

Step 1: Connect your Laptop/PC to the same network as the NVR/DVR/Camera.

Step 2: Download and install the “SADP Tool” application from the link below.

SADP for Windows: https://app.box.com/s/689l18421knsokmmontcc2v28owmz4om

SADP for MAC: https://app.box.com/s/brssh8rpfbo5gjuzetopbtjwtr5fy7kc

Step 3: Select the device by checking the box next to the device name

Step 4: Select "Unbind" option

Step 5: Enter the Username as “admin”, Password for the NVR/DVR/Camera and the verification code as shown next to the text box.

Step 6: You will see the message “Unbind Successful”.

Method 3: From the NVR local menu

(Note: This method is applicable only to NVRs and DVRs with 4.0GUI or later.)

Step 1: Right Click and select the Home( ) icon on the top left.

Step 2: Select System  Network  Advanced  Platform Access  Unbind  Enter the password for the NVR or DVR.

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