How to use SADP

Using SADP tool

Step 1: Install the SADP Tool Application

Step 2: Make sure that the computer/laptop is in the same network as the IP Cameras/NVR/DVR.

Step 3: The SADP application will list the “Inactive” devices connected to the switch as shown in the figure below.

Step 4: Select the “Inactive” devices by checking the box next to the Device Type. Create a “New Password” and “Confirm password”

(Note: It is recommended to use the same password as the NVR)

Step 5: Click on “Confirm” to finish activating the devices.

Step 6: Click “Refresh” before proceeding with the step.

Step 7: Assigning Static IP Addresses to activated devices.

  • Select each device individually and input the desired IP Address 
  • Input the password
  • Click “Modify”
  • Repeat the steps for all the activated devices. The IP address has to be unique for each device.

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